Drums on a Keyboard

This guy is intense. Playing a fairly complicated song on the keyboards. Roy Wooten’s of Bella Fleck and the Flecktones plays the Drumitar an instrument of his own creation. Until now that was the only real example I had of someone using a keyboards as drums. I wish I knew the guys name .. he [...]

Great Drum Solo at 16 Years Old

I have decided to start a series of posts dedicated to great drumming I find on the net. My first post in this series is of a kid who sounds like I wanted to sound when I was 16 and thought I was the shit behind a drum kit. His name is Dylan Elise and [...]

Crazy IRC Quote Site

I was doing some Stumbling while waiting to go see Wolverine with Jordan and ran across this site. If you have ever spent any time in IRC or the WOW Trade channel, you know what this is like. This is some funny shit. The Quote BD at “QDB” Here are some samples: (+ware) I rear-ended [...]

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Random Thoughts

Post from my iPhone

I was just told.”It’s about damn time you got an iPhone” and I couldnt agree more. Glad I waited for the 3GS but the gadget geek in me kicked me in the ass for waiting so long. Best part about it… It was Annies idea.

Damn This Is So Sad

Doing Keyword research toady at work I found the following: Over 90,000 people search for the “Perfect Match” on Google each month while over 135,000 search for “Russian Brides”. Apparently its easier to just buy almost everything these days.

Get Off My Radio

Someone needs to create a Classic POP radio station so they will take Billy Joel, Elton John and The Beatles off my Classic ROCK station. WTF! These guys are good, but they are not ROCK!

The iPod for Books

I have been thinking hard about getting a Kindle 2 from Amazon. Described as an iPod for books the real reason I want one is because I am tired of bookstores never having the title I am looking for. With the Kindle I download when I am ready to read. Convenience FTW!

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